Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh, vat?


Hola. I'm here.. coming up for updating something that had happened to my live today. As everybody know that today i have to seat for OSCE. It stand for Objective Structured Clinical Examination.

Procedure for today is starting with health education for patient with Diabetic Melitus, than eye swabbing con't with eye drop, mixing insulin, for pen and paper question, we need to wrote down what the name and function on the picture give, lastly nasal drop. 

I felt like i got the full mark for first procedure. Nampak muka examiner happy semacam. And after i out from screen. I heard my examiner talking with my educated patient. hihi. she said, "Kita boleh nampak, sama ada student tu study ke tak sebelum exam. Kalau boleh jawab maknanya diorang prepare lah". Katanya si educated patient "emmm.. (tanda setuju)". Hehehehe. I'm smiling in my heart. Excited giler nak continue with the next.. 

I'm sorry to say. I really can't focus and don't know what to do first if someone cutting my words. Uhhh.. shut up please. Suddenly i felt looser you know?! Actually, i can do that better. But because of a few factors likes nervous, someone influence me to be 'kalut', and cutting my word. I being like cannot go on. 

so, what about tomorrow? I hope i can do better. 

Thanks for reading my entry :)

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