Wednesday, March 14, 2012


When i facing a hard situation, this questions will always cross over my mind.
'is it my future? did i make a corrected decision? can i handle it coming soon?'
Urghhhh...!!! what so tension i tell you...
Sometimes i felt like to kill myself.  ( i'm lie k. hihi )
(OMG! luckily i still remember Allah s.w.t)

Yes! i admit, that sometimes i can be nervous or something like easily to be a 'gelabah' person. hoho
and sometimes a short-term-memory. huhhh.. sorry to say~
Likes, if in critical time or somebody push me or anything else...
if i get a negative comment, automatically it can make my self esteem hypo. Owh, NO!
and that Q will come come and come.

One day, during i sent my patient to a x-ray dept. and while waiting for the patient, a man (patient too) chatting with me. And he asked me several question. 
He also told me that, please don't forced ourself to do something we don't like.
Although we learn this course, but it doesn't mean that we will work on this field.

so, just think about it.. i still not confident with myself. 
Can i be a good workers one days???
Actually, i was falling in love with this career but..... (i can't proceed my words. sorry)